Stewardship begins with
better decisions


Better Decisions Begin With Better Information

As Poole Ecological & Environmental Consulting (PE&EC), I see my work as a fulcrum—understanding community, organizational, and ecological needs as all equally vital. Creating only sequestered spaces, without the ability to interact with them, is not necessarily the best way to serve our ecosystems. We need to hear all voices and perspectives in order to find the right balance. I facilitate those discussions—by speaking for science, listening to organizations, and engaging the community. 


Solutions Provided

Most projects that fall apart start that derailing process in a moment of assumption. The purposes, issues, and goals are mapped out by generally well-meaning people and organizations to satisfy a need. This plan, then, is often advanced in a vacuum without the input and buy-in of the many local stakeholders. Assumptions made are met with assumptions made and, in the ensuing pointing and frustration, pressure mounts to abandon the project.

Your project is my client. I bring a curiosity cultivated over many years—balanced with experience and science—to mitigate assumptions, build clarity, and develop a sense of purpose that brings everyone along with you, rather than pushing them to the margins.

My skills include:

  • Community visioning & facilitation
  • Landscape and habitat analysis
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Birding by ear
  • Wetlands characterization 

My specialities include:

  • Land & resource conservation
  • Wildlife habitat assessment
  • Restoration and enhancement
  • Community-based conservation
    & stewardship

About Me

Since my earliest memories, I have been in the woods, streams, and fields of my New Hampshire home. The depth and breadth of life that abounded in such a small area seemed nearly impossible. The concept that guided me then, and guides me still, is curiosity. Why is that there? What does it do? How does this all work together?

I remain curious—about the Earth, its people, and our complex systems of communities and contexts. This led me to a BS in Environmental Science at Keene State and then an MS in Hydrology and Water Resource Science at Syracuse University.

I now have 25 years of experience providing ecological assessment and land use consulting services and am a NH Certified Wetland Scientist (CWS) to a wide range of clients in the US and Canada.



Poole Ecological & Environmental Consulting brings the flexibility, commitment, and timeliness you’d expect from a small firm, but with 30 years in the business, I can bring together an unmatched team to handle any project you might have.

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E. Ann Poole, CWS
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